100+ Years of Distillery Design

For over 100 years, Joseph & Joseph has been creating great buildings for the production of bourbon.

A sampling of our history includes:

Seagram Distillery
This distillery complex originally opened in 1937 to a crowd of over 71,000 people. The distillery was claimed to be the largest distillery in the world at the time. The complex of buildings included a main office building surrounded by warehouses and production facilities. The complex was interconnected by underground tunnels to facilitate the movement of bourbon.

Stitzel Weller Distillery
This distillery complex was said to have opened on Derby Day 1935 in Shively, Kentucky. At the time the complex included a distillery and nine barrel rick houses. The complex is now owned by the Diageo brand.

Old Prentice Distillery
(Currently Four Roses Distillery)
The building was one of the first designs by Joseph & Joseph Architects in 1910. The distillery was owned by J.T.S. Brown in McBrayer, Kentucky. The building, on the National Register of Historic Places, now houses the Four Roses brand.