Brown-Forman Corporation

Joseph & Joseph has been commissioned to design many projects for Brown-Forman through the years.

Among those were the renovation of a kitchen, dining room, lobby, office, and meeting rooms, a tunnel connecting two office buildings and a garden. The purpose of this project was to open communications between all levels of employees and encourage sharing ideas. The former executive dining room was replaced with a new, enlarged dining room open to all employees. The dining area is linked to the tunnel that connects the two major office buildings. The tunnel is a series of areas to gather, meet, have a cup of coffee, visit the sundry shop and discuss ideas at the display windows that line the walkway.

Joseph & Joseph also created a master roof maintenance program for Brown-Forman’s main campus. In order to create this plan, each of the more than 15 different buildings were surveyed and evaluated. Over several years the roofs were replaced, spreading out the capital expenditures and coordinating with plans for interior renovation, building additions and HVAC upgrades. Joseph & Joseph prepared contract documents and put the projects out to bid. We also administered the construction contracts and provided construction observation.

Brown-Forman Corporatiom
Client: Brown-Forman Corporation
Location: 800 Dixie Highway / 18th Street, Louisville, KY


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