LEED & Sustainable Design

Sustainable & LEED Design

For more than 100 years, Joseph & Joseph has been designing buildings that make the most of their surrounding environments. […]

Green Roofs

Joseph & Joseph Architects believe in the power of sustainability not only as an ecological practice but as an effective […]

Urban Heat Island

When urban areas become denser, the city begins to create and store more heat during the day.  A portion of […]

Solar Organization

As electric costs continue to rise, the use of natural daylight becomes more important.  In an urban environment or in […]

Borrowed Daylight

In tight urban sites, daylighting can be a tremendous challenge.  When the building footprint uses the entire site, there is […]

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling is one of the largest uses of energy in a building.  By utilizing the earth’s relatively constant […]

Permeable Surfaces

Storm water runoff is caused by impervious surfaces (roofs, paving, compacted soil) blocking rain from infiltrating into the ground and […]